Now it shall come to pass in the latter days That the mountain of the LORD’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it. (Isaiah 2:2) 

 What is God doing on the earth today? Many are asking this question. They are looking in the wrong places and missing what He is doing—they can’t see the forest for the trees. Every move of God since the beginning of time was sent to accomplish one single purpose, which is to establish His kingdom on the earth. When we miss His purpose, and use it to build an organization or a denomination, that particular move of God will come to an end. 

 In our prayer meetings, we tell God what to do, where to move, and how to move. We are trying to put God Almighty into a religious box and a paradigm that we have become used to. Every time we try to do that, we miss God because He doesn’t fit into any man-made structure or system or religion.  

 That’s how the Jewish leaders in the first century missed their Messiah. God was walking among them, doing things no man could do, but they still questioned and rejected Him because He did not fit into their religious paradigm. He did not do things the way they thought or wanted. So they decided He could not be God or from God. They misjudged Him and said that what was happening was not of God but of the devil. So they rejected Him and missed their season and destiny.  

 I believe the same thing is happening today. We are missing God and what He is doing in our midst because we are so fixated on how He should move and how we think He should do things. One of the greatest tragedies in life is to miss God when He finally answers the cry of our hearts that we have been crying for centuries. At the same time, the greatest thing we can do is to partner with God in what He is doing—in total surrender to Him and to His will.  

The majority of people today feel isolated and lonely. They do not receive the support and encouragement they need. Nobody can fulfill their assignment on their own. We need each other, and that is why we are called a body, not an instrument or a tool. So they remain spiritually barren, socially isolated, and mentally unproductive. Though there are billions of people on the earth, there are more lonely people than at any other time. They are not yet a part of this Kingdom Nation and tribe. We welcome you to join God’s family and become a part of what He is doing on the earth today.  

 What is a Nation?  

 A nation is a group of people, families, clans, and tribes with a common goal, and a common vision, language, and culture. 

 A Kingdom Nation is not a ministry, network, or organization. It is a nation whose King is Jesus Christ. It is a global nation made of believers from every individual nation and tongue committed to fulfill one purpose. My dream is for Him to have at least one nation on earth that serves Him with everything they have. The great commission is about discipling nations, but we haven’t been able to disciple even a single nation yet. The reason is simple; before we are able to disciple other nations with the gospel of the kingdom, the body of Christ must first become a Kingdom Nation.  

 Only a nation can disciple another nation, just like only an individual can disciple another individual. Only a kingdom can colonize another kingdom. That is how colonialization started. That is what God is doing on the earth today. This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. (Psalm 118:23, KJV)  

 Once the mountain of the Lord that we read about in Isaiah 2:2, which is His kingdom and the Kingdom Nation, is set and established, all other nations will flow into it automatically. We do not need to use any tricks or false advertisements, or healing and miracles, to gather a crowd. It will be a natural response of the nations. They need what we have. Now the problem is that we do not have any proof to show. If we build it, they will come.